It gives us a lot of pleasure to say that without your support and encouragement “Sir”, Mr. Diwakar Dhyani (CEO, Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.) we would have been just another band in just another city.

Just like your eyes remain open when you see something spectacular, thanks to Sameer Sir aka “Ssameer”, a rising star of the Indian entertainment industry, it happened to our ears. An amazing singer, performer, talented Sound Engineer and a wonderful human being, Ssameer enabled and ensured that the highest standards be maintained during our recording sessions.

Rishi, for single-handedly managing the nuts and bolts of the Chlorophyll Dreams website.

Neha, for her creativity in designing the Chlorophyll Dreams official logo and website art.

Shravan, for his relentless support, patience and crisp write-ups.

Special thanks to Anushri, Namita, friends and of course our families.

And to you Twishi, without you we  just couldn’t  have begun. Love.

 – Chlorophyll Dreams