December 26th, 2010 was the day it all began. Three old friends crossed each other’s paths once again and got jammin’ to relive the good old days. Little did they realize that they would soon get a golden opportunity to perform together as a band at Talkatora stadium, New Delhi in front of a massive audience of more than 3000 people. Their music received an overwhelming response, giving them the inspiration and courage to take their music to the next level.

What followed was a laborious yet rewarding process of consolidating their experiences and translating them into soul-stirring songs. When asked about how they came up with their music, all they say is that they planted a green seed in their minds, which blossomed into “Chlorophyll Dreams”. A song writing and recording process spread over two phases, the first one from February to May, where they penned down “Liquor love”, “To kill the pain”, “40 days”, “26th December” and “Green Eye’d Cinderella”. The songs “Lost” and “Theme for a dream” were conjured during the second phase, in the months of August and September. “To kill the pain”, a song that perfectly described their journey during the making of the album, was unanimously chosen as the title track by the band.